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"This initiative needs to prosper and I think Alison and her team are to be congratulated on their tremendous work. I will continue to watch the children turn into fine musicians over the coming years."

Hon. Christopher Finlayson (MIN), New Zealand Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage


“There are many positives... the children have learnt to play an instrument! They are persevering and   committed and able to share their talents with others. You have developed a community amongst the children and parents all working together for a common cause. All of the above and learning to read music must be benefiting their schoolwork and personal growth.”

Dale Gyton, Teacher, St. Michael’s School, Taita


“I think it is an awesome opportunity for my daughter now that she knows how to play violin. I am very proud I enrolled my child. Lupe now plays violin during our family gatherings, in our church and in the community entertaining people with her beautiful music and that is what makes her happy. I thank you all for teaching my child how to use a violin and also play by reading notes, not only for my child but to the rest of the children in her violin class. Thank you so much”

Peniane Sauila, Parent 


“Being a single parent with a very limited income, I would never have dreamt that my daughter would be able to attend music lessons. Since Rachel has joined your class her musical abilities have flourished. She also now has the confidence to perform in public - at youth group, busking etc. Thank you for all the hard work that you and the other musicians do with teaching the children how to play the violin and cello.”    

Heather Breen, Parent 


“Anecdotal evidence does suggest that those children who are playing the violin are more engaged and focused in the classroom. They are definitely more confident and have experienced success which will hopefully flow over into the rest of their schooling.”    

Linda Birch, Principal, St. Michael’s School, Taita


“Thanks for having me for the last two days! Great camp! Great kids! Taita Strings Rocks!!!!”

David Chickering, Principal Cellist, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Arohanui Strings volunteer


“It was really fantastic to see the program!  I know that the kids were very excited, as evidenced by the fact that they were all begging to play the last song multiple times!  You can be very proud of that achievement.”

Lyndon Taylor, Principal Second Violinist, Los Angeles Philharmonic,  Arohanui Strings volunteer


“Congratulations on your awesome concert!!!  The past week has indeed opened the hearts and minds of Paolo and Jaime to the wonderful world of music. We really cannot thank you enough for including them in your program. Thank you so much once again and more power to you and your team.”

Sylvia Lopez, Parent





“Thanks for this wonderful programme!  Rachel has enjoyed playing the cello and the violin - her only complaint is that she would like to have more time playing!”

Anna McCarroll, Parent


“The boys are so happy to have been involved. I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity that you offered them.”

Jhan Lindsay, Taita College Music Teacher


“Thanks for all the good work, My son enjoyed the programme, I was lucky to be able to listen to the beautiful music and good performance by the children!”

Vera, Parent