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MISSION: Arohanui Strings-Sistema Hutt Valley uses the pursuit of musical excellence and ensemble performance to bring about positive change in the lives of Hutt Valley children.


Inclusion: All classes are free of charge and open to children of all abilities. We believe all children have enormous potential and have a right to high-quality, long-term musical education. We actively seek to recruit those often excluded due to economic and social barriers.  

Joy: We aim to preserve and nurture children’s natural exuberance for music. Along the road to discipline and mastery, there is a need for joyful expression! With good modelling and perseverance, technique develops in service of the musical experience.

Cooperation: Students of Arohanui Strings learn to collaborate in a variety of roles: as learners, teammates, peer teachers and leaders. From the beginning students participate in ensembles where the highest goal is the creation of beauty and understanding.

Aspiration: The pursuit of musical excellence is made up of many small, success-oriented steps. We encourage our students to dream big and take small steps. As they gain confidence, they learn that problems can be solved and goals can be reached. This skill-building transfers into every aspect of their lives, making them better students and, eventually, engaged citizens.

“Every human being deserves a life of dignity and contribution, filled with beauty”Eric Booth, American Sistema pioneer and author of The Music Teaching Artist’s Bible.